Silhouette Images

There is a great post in the Articulate Word of Mouth blog about creating Silhouette images.  A great idea to avoid the issue of representing diversity in courses.  Gives instructions on how to create them from clip art as well as links to free images online.  Characters and more.


Creative Commons

Creative commons is a way for people to licence there work for others to use and/modify.  I think it could be a great new way to find images.  However, it is a bit confusing.  Don’t understand what the usage rules are.  Can I just use any image that comes up in the search?  The focus of the wesite is on the licensing, not how you can use the work.  Confused but want to remember to look here next time I need an image.


Creative ideas for images – blur

Rapid e-learning blog talked about blurring out the backgrounds of images to focus attention or to convey the idea of action…, confusion, alot goining on, gives it a sense of motion. 

Another idea is to layer images that are out of focus, bring one into focus per slide.  For example, 3 people, focus just one at a time to look at the perpective of each persion. 

The blog post also contains a demo on how to apply the motion blur.